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Welcome to Mampudi Bonsmara & Sussex

The home of superior Bonsmara & Sussex genetics

Mampudi Bonsmara & Sussex has achieved unprecedented success in the stud breeding industry over the past years.
This programme will be maintained for two years until we have 200 of Diamond’s progeny in our herd, which would enable us to improve genetic value produced by Mampudi Sussex. We have an obligation to our stud and commercial breeders to produce and supply new, above average genetics which can be used in tandem with the progeny of their past purchases.

View our head stud sires and see for yourself why you need Mampudi blood in your herd


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Mampudi’s superb selection of the highest quality masculine Sussex Sires
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Mampudi’s superb selection of magnificent, high quality Sussex Females
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Mampudi’s line-up of superior sussex genetics at this years sale, is guaranteed to boost your herd
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Mampudi’s superb selection of semen of the highest quality masculine Bulls